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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cilajet used for?

Cilajet® was originally developed for the aerospace industry as the first true, anti-corrosive sealant developed to protect painted and metal surfaces on commercial aircraft. Now, utilizing the latest advanced materials and research, Cilajet is the leader in protection.

Does anyone know about cilajet sealant?

Cilajet isn't very well known about from what I've seen and I have found it very difficult to find anyone local to reapply the sealant even if I could afford to. Hope that helps someone out there. Want a "paint sealant"...

How do I contact cilajet?

Phone: 310.320.8000 Email: [email protected] Cilajet is a great investment! Jay tagged us on Instagram with a quick clip of his car, showcasing the the results of a Cilajet application! As he states: “A car is a big investment, so I protect my investment with Cilajet!”

Why choose cilajet automotive interior protection?

Cilajet automotive interior protection products, HIDE and FAB, are ZERO VOC and HYPOALLERGENIC! We also pass California Prop 65, which means that our auto paint protection products contain no known cancer-causing agents.

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