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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Chuy located?

The town lies on National Route 9, 340 kilometres northeast of the capital, Montevideo, and only a few feet from Brazil's Route BR 471. Chuy is only 15 km from the Atlantic Ocean, and in the northern hinterland is located a similar distance from the Lagoa Mirim.

What is the difference between Chuy and Chui?

The Brazilian town, Chui, has shops selling clothes, shoes and household goods while on the Uruguayan side, Chuy has duty-free shops and a casino. Chuy is one of the easternmost settlements in Uruguay, separated from Brazil by the Chuí Stream.

What is Chuy like in Uruguay?

Chuy is a relatively thriving centre for trade with the Brazilians and has several shops to cater for tourists. It is not unusual for Uruguayans from the Montevideo area to make long journeys in order to make purchases of goods at the Brazilian border which would cost significantly more at home.

What is the population of Chuy in Texas?

Chuy's population is currently 9,675 residents as of 2011. The word "Chuy", according to most scholars, comes from the Tupi–Guarani language. The Indians had designated the small brook on whose banks the town would emerge with the same name.

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