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Frequently Asked Questions

What are peach chill hours?

Peach chill hours can range from only 50 to 1,000 depending on the cultivar and a loss of even 50 to 100 of those minimum hours can reduce a harvest by 50 percent. A loss of 200 or more can devastate a crop. If you buy a cultivar that requires peach chill hours above what your area can offer, you may never see a single blossom.

How many chill hours does a fruit tree need?

Chill hours are the number of cold hours or days that a deciduous fruit tree (or nut tree) requires for flowering and fruit production each year. Every fruit tree variety has its own number of hours of chill needed for fruit production. Some fruit trees need as few as 100 chill hours, others need as many as 1,000 chill hours or more.

How long does it take for a peach to ripen?

FloridaCrest - 350 chill hours, melting-flesh, semi-clingstone peach for North Florida; . FloridaDawn - 350 chill hours melting-flesh, semi-clingstone fruit.for North Florida. UFGold - 200 chill hours, ripens about 80 days after blooming. Large, non-melting clingstone fruit.

How many chill hours is a clingstone peach?

UF2000 - 300 chill hours, moderately large size non-melting clingstone peach tells us that winters are warming across the United States, especially in February. Winter is warming at the fastest rate of all the seasons at 2.2°F per century since 1895.

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