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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the history of Chester House?

Chester House was opened in the borough as Chester's Rooming House and Bar by Trojanowski's grandparents — Chester Sr. and Stella Trojanowski — in 1917.

What is Chester House bar?

Renamed Chester House Bar, it played a role in the history of Manville, opening its doors to the thousands of workers from the Johns-Manville flagship asbestos plant across the street and other local businesses. The factory was open from 1912 to 1986.

What is Chesterfield Community Services Board Chester House?

Chester, VA Addiction Treatment Chesterfield Community Services Board Chester House is a private rehab located in Chester, Virginia. Chesterfield Community Services Board Chester House specializes in the treatment of substance abuse.

What time is the Chester House estate open?

The Chester House Estate is open 10am until 4pm everyday. Please note our Farmhouse Café is closed on Monday's during Term Time. Please note we are now only accepting card payments within our Farmhouse Café, Visitor Centre & Gift Shop, and Outdoor Catering. Established 8,000BC - Opened 2021.

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