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Frequently Asked Questions

How good was Carlos Correa last year?

Carlos Correa was second on the end-of-year fantasy value list and he only had 432 plate appearances last year. None of his peripherals seemed out of whack. There wasn't a single split that made him look bad either -- home/away, left/right, early/late season, he was always good.

Who is SS Carlos Correa?

Minnesota Twins signed free agent SS Carlos Correa. SS Carlos Correa elected free agency. Minnesota Twins activated SS Carlos Correa from the 10-day injured list. Minnesota Twins placed SS Carlos Correa on the 10-day injured list. Minnesota Twins activated SS Carlos Correa from the 10-day injured list.

What happened to Carlos Correa and Mike Trout?

Profile: Torn left thumb ligaments were apparently the injury de rigueur among superstar youngsters as Carlos Correa and Mike Trout were both sidelined by the injury in 2017. It didn’t stop both from having their best season yet. Despite just 109 games played, Correa had a career-high 24 homers and 82 runs.

Is Correa a Speed Force?

Correa was just 2-for-3 on the bases and is unlikely to be a major speed force even if he runs at a level more in line with 2016 (13-for-16). The 23-year-old shortstop enters his third full season as the second-best shortstop in fantasy behind only Trea Turner thanks to Turner’s speed edge.

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