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Frequently Asked Questions

What is about about CareerBuilder?

About CareerBuilder CareerBuilder is the global leader in human capital solutions, helping companies target and attract their most important asset - their people. Its online career site,®, is the largest in the United States with more than 24 million unique visitors, 1 million jobs and 40 million resumes.

How can CareerBuilder help you find your ideal candidate?

Use CareerBuilder's AI data to get exclusive insights into your ideal candidate that can help you get the attention of the top candidates. Learn More. Use our proven process to quickly drive the qualified, targeted profiles into your sourcing pipeline and receive qualified applicants in real-time.

Where is carecareerbuilder based?

CareerBuilder is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, with IT headquarters in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, an international headquarters in London, England, has about 3,000 employees globally, and is under the leadership of CEO Matt Ferguson.

What is CareerBuilder talent network?

Talent Network. With over 4,000 career sites built, in over 30 languages, CareerBuilder's Talent Network is an optimized career site designed to capture more candidates and automatically keep in touch with your candidate pools.

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