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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use CareerBuilder to make hiring easy?

Choose to use the CareerBuilder platform or your own and utilize the analytics and labor market data to build out your candidate pipelines and pools. Learn More. Need More Details? Discover why more companies are using CareerBuilder to make hiring easy. Try a Free Demo here.

What does an recruiter do?

Recruiters assess the staffing needs of their company or organization and seek individuals that are the right fit for current openings. A typical day for a recruiter may include: • Reaching out to potential job seekers through colleges, high schools, the media, internet sources, and other community resources

What is CareerBuilder talent network?

Talent Network. With over 4,000 career sites built, in over 30 languages, CareerBuilder's Talent Network is an optimized career site designed to capture more candidates and automatically keep in touch with your candidate pools.

What is the best recruiting search engine?

"Recruitment Edge is the best recruiting search engine I have ever used. I love the one stop shopping it provides with geographical, compensation and hiring difficulty data just to name a few. I have no need to search any further.

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