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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Blumenau located?

Located in the Itajaí Valley, Blumenau is the 3rd biggest city in Santa Catarina State, with approximately 361,855 inhabitants (2020). The city is in an average altitude of 14 meters above the sea level and its municipality has 520 square kilometers.

What is the economy of Blumenau?

The city’s economy is based on the manufacture of textiles (especially towels) from cotton grown in the hinterland, as well as other consumer industries. The Universidade Regional de Blumenau (1968) is located in the city.

What is the bus system in Blumenau?

The bus system in Blumenau is one of the most efficient in Brazil. The system is run by SETERB and composed by six terminals in different points of the city: Garcia in the South, Fonte in the Center-South, Velha in the West, Aterro in the Northwest, Fortaleza in the Northeast and PROEB in the Center-North.

What is Blumenau's culture like?

Blumenau and the surrounding regions became home to a large number of German immigrants in the late 19th century, leading to a culture that's distinctly different from the common image of Brazil. After Germans, the second largest ethnic group is Italians.

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