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Frequently Asked Questions

What is blueprint juice?

BluePrint Juices. Especially created for juice cleansing, every bottle is packed with raw, organic fruit and vegetable juices made with a special hydraulic juice press. Choose the type and intensity of cleanse that's just right for you! Choose from Green, Gold, Red, Yellow 1, Yellow 2 or White varieties.

What is the best blueprint cleanse?

There is also an organic BluePrint 1 day cleanse you could do instead if you feel like 3 days is too long for you. Another popular options is the BluePrint balancing act cleanse. The balancing act cleanse, also known as the foundation cleanse, is the most intense juice cleanse they offer.

How much does a blueprint Kombucha drink cost?

Each drink will sell for a suggested retail price of MSRP $3.49 per bottle. BluePrint® Kombucha Drink varieties blend organic fruits and vegetable juices with reinvigorating ingredients, creating an ideal combination for an energizing, on-the-go beverage.

What can you eat after a blueprint cleanse?

BluePrint recommends phasing out caffeine, sugars, refined starches (bread, pasta, rice), meat, dairy, and alcohol 3 days before you start your cleanse. They also encourage you to eat more fruit, greens, and vegetables 3 days before. What can you eat after BluePrint Cleanse? After your cleanse, you may be tempted to eat anything and everything.

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