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Frequently Asked Questions

What is blueblue pillar online?

Blue Pillar Online is powered by BLUE TECH to bring a new learning experience to our students. Our chief lecturer, Mario, with her 18 years of professional working experience as an interior designer and 12 years of teaching experience at the academy, has design additional learning materials.

What's the difference between a Bluepill and a bluepiller?

The bluepill is pill jargon for unquestionably accepting what the normie fakestream media, similar conventional sources, and associated platitudes (i.e. chadsplaining) have to say about the dating scene. A bluepiller is someone who holds bluepill (i.e. fakestream) beliefs; bluepillers are also referred to the manosphere as "the unwoke".

What does it mean to be a blue Piller?

In a nutshell, being bluepilled means voicing opinions with the subconscious intention of pleasing your demographic or repeating a mantra that is influenced by that demographic. Bluepillers are more likely to concur with the following positions:

Why Blue Pillar for industrial IoT connectivity?

We speak Industrial IoT connectivity so you don't have to. At Blue Pillar, we connect industrial equipment to the internet and serve up the data to manage, monitor, and control equipment and devices so you can create flexible, scalable solutions for your company or customers.

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