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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Blue Pillar?

For more than a decade, Blue Pillar has worked in 1000+ of the most critical facilities in the world, from hospitals to data centers, and connected over 100,000 multi-vendor distributed assets. One company passionately focused on one mission: to make it fast and simple to deploy and maintain Industrial IoT connectivity.

What is Blue Pillar onsitepower?

Why Blue Pillar OnsitePower? Blue Pillar connects industrial equipment to the internet and serves up the data to manage, monitor, and control equipment and devices.

What is the Blue Pillar IoT access API?

Their platform is created to handle your real world reality and works with any diverse portfolio of generators regardless of make, model, or age. As your needs expand, integrate to other software systems through the Blue Pillar IoT Access API and easily connect to other equipment types.

What is bluecollar working dog?

BLUECOLLAR WORKING DOG IS THE VERY FIRST BRICK AND MORTAR RETAILER TO SPECIALIZE IN SUPPLIES FOR THE WORKING, SPORTING, AND ACTIVE DOG. With unique specialty products ranging from K9 Police dog equipment, sport gear, service dog gear, to very specific training supplies and dog handler gear, BlueCollar is not your run-of-the-mill pet store.

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