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Frequently Asked Questions

How does blackboard work for students?

Blackboard is an online learning management system for online, hybrid, and many in-person courses. When you register for a class, you are automatically enrolled in Blackboard. Log in to your Blackboard account early to check for updates – faculty often post course information/materials before the session begins.

How often do you need to request a course in Blackboard?

Each semester, this process is performed every two hours. You do not need to request a course in Blackboard for your courses if you are the official instructor listed on the schedule of classes. When are course shells created in Blackboard?

What is LinkedIn Learning on Blackboard?

Home › eLearning and Instructional Design › Tools for Teaching › Blackboard › Blackboard Learn 9.1 Support LinkedIn Learning is a robust library of video tutorials on Blackboard and tens of thousands of other topics designed to meet the needs of faculty and students. How do I login to Blackboard?

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