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Frequently Asked Questions

What online learning resources does Stevenson University online offer?

As many adult students feel overwhelmed or unprepared to take online courses, the Stevenson University Online offers online learning resources such as; an example of a student’s typical week, Blackboard video tutorials, an online learning assessment, and technical requirements for the online learning environment.

How do I access the student help in Blackboard?

Upon logging into Bb, click on Student Help (on the menu bar at the top of the page) to view a variety of resources that include Best Practices for taking Online Exams, the Blackboard Student Help manual, how to name files, how to use specific tools in Blackboard, etc.

How do I access hoonuit in Blackboard?

Go to the mySU tab in Blackboard to access Hoonuit, which includes video tutorials on multiple topics including Blackboard. Click on the Blue Question mark that you will see on the right sight of your screen in Blackboard. This includes help and tutorials specific to where you are in your course.

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