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Frequently Asked Questions

Which iPad Mini is the best deal for Black Friday 2021?

If the 512GB model of the iPad Pro (2021) is the one you fancy, then this is the best deal we've found on that model so far. It's $150 off, which is the best discount we've seen so far this Black Friday season. Apple's brand-new iPad mini 6 got a significant update this year.

Should you buy an iPad on Black Friday?

Black Friday iPad deals often mark the last chance of the year to save any money on Apple's excellent range of tablets. So, if you're hoping to get an iPad but don't want to pay full price, you've come to the right place.

Is the iPad Pro (2021) on sale for $100 less?

If you're not a fan of the 2TB model, Amazon also has the 128GB and 256GB models of the iPad Pro (2021) on sale for $100 less for each model. So no matter your budget or storage preferences, you can pick up a great deal on the iPad Pro.

When does Black Friday start this year?

Officially, Black Friday will kick off on Nov. 26 this year, and there are already some deals available. This is when many stores offer the lowest prices of the year on some models.

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