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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there still time to buy a Chromebook on Black Friday?

Another Black Friday has come and gone. but the best Black Friday deals brought in so many great Chromebook Black Friday deals that there are still plenty left for the taking.

Is Walmart’s $99 Lenovo Chromebook the best Black Friday deal ever?

Here’s the deal. Walmart is currently offering a $99 Lenovo Chromebook as part of its best Black Friday deals. This is an absolutely killer discount, as it’s normally $239 and there are no other comparable models in this price range. Best Buy was originally offering a similar deal, but its promotion ended because it sold out so fast.

Are there any extended Black Friday laptop deals?

These extended Black Friday laptop deals include more than a few hot discounts on Chromebooks, so read on to see all the best Black Friday Chromebook deals that are still up for grabs right now. The best Chromebooks don’t have to cost a fortune, as demonstrated by this Asus 11-inch Chromebook.

Is the Pixelbook go worth it on Black Friday?

This is one of the best Black Friday Chromebook deals available right now on one of Google’s finest offerings, and one of our all-time favorites. If you’re willing to pay for some hardware upgrades, a higher-quality display, and a refined design, then the Pixelbook Go is well worth the extra cash.

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