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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a corporate binder?

Your corporate binder is where you keep a physical copy of all your corporate records and proceedings. It is a record of all your meetings and other corporate related documents. In this binder you should include: Articles of Incorporation. Bylaws. Meeting Minutes. 501.c.3 IRS Approval Letter*. Business License(s)*.

Who is binder in insurance?

An insurance binder is a one-page legal contract issued by an insurance agent or company that confirms the issuer's commitment to provide insurance to the named insured.

What is binder clothing?

A chest binder is a medical compression garment used after surgery to support the upper part of the abdomen. A chest binder is worn under normal clothing that keeps the skin, muscles, and organs safe and in place after a surgery. These binders are highly effective and useful because they help in healing and provides comfort.

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