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Frequently Asked Questions

When did birth and death records start in Portugal?

The register of baptisms and marriages became compulsory in 1563, and death registrations in 1614. Portuguese churches kept records of baptisms (baptismos), marriages (casamentos), and deaths (obitos). Records from the 1800s are particularly complete and include many details.

Is there a mailing list for people with genealogy interest in Azores?

While you're browsing the site, be sure to check out the Queries that others have posted. Good luck and happy hunting! This mailing list is for anyone with a genealogical interest in the Azores. We discuss genealogy, culture, history, DNA, food, books, and anything else to help the Portuguese researcher.

Where can I find information about our Azorean ancestors?

There are photos from several islands and information on how our Azorean ancestors were buried on these tiny islands. You will find a Portuguese Paleography here which will help you to read the old records as well as a list of commonly used words you will find in those records.

Where can I find family genealogy information in Portugal?

Grupo de História das Populações is a website which contains some genealogies for the islands of Pico, Faial, and Sao Jorge as well as a few places on mainland Portugal. Here you can find extensive family genealogy information that has been extracted from parish records and placed into family groups.

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