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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Polyvore?

POLYVORE - Discover and Shop Trends in Fashion, Outfits, Beauty and Home - Polyvore is the first one-stop destination featuring the latest Fashion, Outfits, Beauty, Home and styles trends from influencers worldwide. Load More Outfits & Styles

Is URSTYLE a good alternative to Polyvore?

Urstyle is a great alternative to Polyvore because it actually has some quite similar features. This includes over 9 million products, backup tools, and the ability to save drafts. We were over the moon when we discovered that Urstyle can even import your old designs and styles that you made using Polyvore.

How to wear a polyvoryy?

Ideal for: You can wear this winter polyvore outfit to keep yourself warm in the cold season. How to style: Add a long skirt with some cozy long turtlenecks and high heels. You can accessorize with some heavy hand-made jewelry to flaunt out this perfect outfit. 8. Denim Side

What are companies doing to help displaced Polyvore users?

Several companies have stepped forward to offer displaced Polyvore users with a new home. ShopLook, a website that helps you design and find the perfect outfit, showed their support on social media, writing, “We are humbled by the kind Polyvore community and know we have lots of work ahead of us. Stay tuned for many new features to come.

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