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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of ship is the Atlas destroyer?

Atlas Destroyer is a Mark-3 Jaeger . Atlas Destroyer is a Mark-3 Jaeger, launched in 2017. After an unspecified period of service, Atlas was retired from active combat and reassigned as a training Jaeger. It underwent a refit at the Brisbane Shatterdome where was stripped of its weaponry.

Why Atlas destroyer for the PPDC?

Despite the existence of simulation rigs and the priceless data taken from Jaeger pilots over the years, the PPDC still needed a higher amount of skilled pilots to compensate for their losses. Atlas Destroyer was one answer to this problem.

What is the history of giant Destroyer?

50 years ago, Atlas Chemical Corp was formed and launched THE GIANT DESTROYER brand with the goal to provide an effective solution for consumers to control moles, gophers, skunks and other burrowing rodents. In 1969 we introduced our legacy product, THE GIANT DESTROYER Super Gasser.

How does Atlas destroyer defeat acidquill?

Moving toward an active Breach, Atlas Destroyer attacks Acidquill as it emerges, but is easily bested by the Kaiju. Atlas Destroyer is saved at the last minute by Apex, a roaming Kaiju-Jaeger Hybrid previously encountered in Meridian City. Taylor and Hayley assume the worse when Apex approaches Kaiju Boy, and try to retaliate.

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