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Frequently Asked Questions

What does ATEX mean?

ATEX = Atmosphères Explosibles ATEX refers to two separate (but related) European Union (EU) Directives 94/9/EC The “Equipment” Directive • Concerned with the manufacture and sale of Ex Equipment 1999/92/EC The “Use” Directive

Why choose ATEx® Advanced explosion suppression?

User maintainable system design allowing the customer to diagnose and troubleshoot the system without the need of the manufacturer technician. ATEX’s Dry Chemical-based Advanced Explosion Suppression Systems offer multi-purpose, high-efficiency suppressor, discharging non-toxic flame-extinguishing powder into...

What does ATEC do?

Atec design, manufacture, repair, upgrade, and support products and systems used in tracked and untracked combat vehicles. Atec specialise in providing engineering solutions to challenges in both new and legacy products, providing through life cost benefits through guaranteed long term availability and post design support.

Why choose Atex for vertical integration?

Vertical Integration: Let ATEX help you to eliminate the uncertainty of inconsistent yarn supply for your implantable medical device textiles. Click here to learn more. Your partner throughout the medical device life cycle. We begin with the end in mind but it does not end there… Click here to learn more.

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