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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an astrocyte?

Astrocytes are star-shaped cells found in the brain. Similarly to other neuronal cells, astrocytes are comprised of synapses, or cell ends that allow for chemical and electrical communication between cells.

How do astrocytes respond to CNS insults?

Astrocytes respond to all forms of CNS insults through a process referred to as reactive astrogliosis, which has become a pathological hallmark of CNS structural lesions.

What does astrocytic cells look like in tissue culture?

An astrocytic cell from rat brain grown in tissue culture and stained with antibodies to GFAP (red) and vimentin (green). Both proteins are present in large amounts in the intermediate filaments of this cell, so the cell appears yellow.

What is a Gömöri positive astrocyte?

Some protoplasmic astrocytes are generated by multipotent subventricular zone progenitor cells. Gömöri-positive astrocytes. These are a subset of protoplasmic astrocytes that contain numerous cytoplasmic inclusions, or granules, that stain positively with Gömöri 's chrome-alum hematoxylin stain.

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