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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an astrocyte?

An astrocyte is a star-shaped cell. It is a type of neuroglia found in the nervous system in both vertebrates and invertebrates. Protoplasmic and fibrous astrocytes are two types of astrocytes. Fibrous astrocytes are more prevalent among the myelinated nerve fibres in the central nervous system's white matter.

What is a fibrous astrocyte?

Astrocyte. Fibrous astrocytes are prevalent among myelinated nerve fibres in the white matter of the central nervous system. Organelles seen in the somata of neurons also are seen in astrocytes, but they appear to be much sparser. These cells are characterized by the presence of numerous fibrils in their cytoplasm.

What is the PMID of the astrocyte bridge?

PMID 16210541. S2CID 36808788. ^ Parri R, Crunelli V (January 2003). "An astrocyte bridge from synapse to blood flow". Nature Neuroscience. 6 (1): 5–6. doi: 10.1038/nn0103-5.

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