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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Aquamare marine?

Aquamare have an extensive range of marine products that can be shipped worldwide. We offer worldwide engineering support from our three locations and whatever your requirements, Aquamare Marine can support you. When the time comes for boat refits and repairs, swimming ladders ought to be considered a worthy piece of equipment for an upgrade.

What does Aquamare mean to you?

As the name suggests, Aquamare means the “Water of the Sea’’ and what better way to celebrate this, than by enjoying a luxurious stay right on the waters which created Aphrodite, the goddess of love.

Who are aqamare marine?

Aquamare Marine specialise in sales and support for the marine industry, with a range of products from Sewage treatment systems to Ultrasonic antifouling. +44 (0)1752 [email protected]

Where is Aquamare hotel Paphos?

Aquamare Hotel is situated just 3 km east from the renowned Paphos fishing harbour, 3 km from the city center and 15km from Paphos International Airport. The hotel itself consists of 126 Twin rooms with double or twin beds, 19 Family Suites and 2 Royal Executive Suites.

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