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Frequently Asked Questions

Did USC look for aliyah Boston vs Maryland?

USC looked for Aliyah Boston vs. Maryland. She helped send Gamecocks to Final Four Aliyah Boston spent 10 minutes searching for her parents in Bon Secours Wellness Arena on Monday after South Carolina’s 86-75 win against Maryland. But throughout the Elite Eight matchup against the Terrapins, it was the Gamecocks who were looking for Boston.

How many rebounds did aliyah Boston have in the final four?

Boston tallied 22 points and 10 rebounds – her 82nd college double-double – in the victory to lead the Gamecocks to their third straight Final Four appearance. Aliyah Boston (#4) led the Gamecocks with a team-high 22 points.

What did Raven Johnson say about Aliyah?

“AAliyah was so poised,” redshirt freshman Raven Johnson said. “Nothing rattled her. You didn’t see Aliyah get frustrated. It didn’t matter if they quadruple-team her or triple-team her, she always keeps her composure.”

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