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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Agudas Achim?

This opens in a new window. Agudas Achim aspires to be a traditional, egalitarian, friendly and participatory congregation. Traditional – seeking meaning in Jewish tradition, and building on that tradition to create meaning for ourselves.

Who is the congregation Agudat Achim?

Through a variety of social and religious activities, the Congregation Agudat Achim community is 130 years strong, and diverse in a multitude of ways. Our members range in age from 0 to 99 and include interfaith families, interracial families, LGBTQ+ families, and more.

Where is caring Agudat Achim?

Caring. We are a warm, welcoming Conservative egalitarian synagogue located in the Capital District of upstate New York. At Agudat Achim, we have members of all ages and levels of observance.

Why congcongregation Agudas Achim?

Congregation Agudas Achim is a sacred community committed to the egalitarian traditions and ideals of Conservative Judaism.

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